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Male Pregnancy is one of popular plots setting in female fanfic culture and females enjoy seeing their appreciating male characters suffering from pregnancy and becoming vulnerable. This is the embodiment of fanfic community females gazing at males and showing what these females want to see in this process. The project explores why and what females enjoy when they see Male Pregnancy, and try to create a space where the power dynamic between genders is inverted, and gives females the agency to look, feminizing and objectify the male body.



School Project

Mentor:  Clay Kippen

Exhibition Design


This is an exhibition visual identity design for MIT Media Lab mediated matter team. According to the scale of material, I divided their projects into five groups: Group, Individual, Individual Structure, Cell and Compound. Each group has a logo. The concept of the logos is large structure gradually divided into the smallest basic elements.  All great things are made up of small structures. "In order to build big, we have to think small. " To some extent, the world is surprisingly homogeneous. There is no essential difference between nature and human creation.

The venue is on the fifth floor of the Whitney Museum. I divided the whole exhibition space into five spaces with walls as partitions, corresponding to five groups of exhibits.

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