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Male Pregnancy is one of popular plots setting in female fanfic culture and females enjoy seeing their appreciating male characters suffering from pregnancy and becoming vulnerable. This is the embodiment of fanfic community females gazing at males and showing what these females want to see in this process. The project explores why and what females enjoy when they see Male Pregnancy, and try to create a space where the power dynamic between genders is inverted, and gives females the agency to look, feminizing and objectify the male body.



Personal Project

Mentor:  Clay Kippen

Branding and Environment Design​


Warrior is an interactive game book. The book tells a story  about a warrior wants to be the master of his/her own fate,  so he/she decided to find the god who can manipulate human's destiny. However, when the warrior comes to the destination, he/she will find that there is no god at all and there is no fate.

In order to better show the warrior’s experience in the process of seizing his/her destiny, this book in the form of interaction allows readers to randomly reads one of the plot of the warrior’s encounter under their different destinies in the form of dice roll, and there are some cyclical plots in the book. Readers may experience repeated episodes on some plot pages, going back to the previous episode again and again.

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