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Male Pregnancy is one of popular plots setting in female fanfic culture and females enjoy seeing their appreciating male characters suffering from pregnancy and becoming vulnerable. This is the embodiment of fanfic community females gazing at males and showing what these females want to see in this process. The project explores why and what females enjoy when they see Male Pregnancy, and try to create a space where the power dynamic between genders is inverted, and gives females the agency to look, feminizing and objectify the male body.


Weaving Diary

Personal Project



Weaving Diary is a work-in-progress diary recorded with weaving and wool. The raw materials are a small  loom and a personal wool collection. When making the diary, I use my synesthesia to select wool yarns with colors and textures that reflect the emotions and feelings of the day for weaving. At the same time, the process of weaving itself is a real-time record of the state of the day. The fibers have a very sensitive record of movement and strength, creating unique textures. This is a natural record of unconscious materials for conscious human beings.

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